6 Oct 2012

Music That Matters ...

Tom Demac - Critical Distance Pt. 2

Dubstep may have a monopoly on wobble, but Tom Demac strikes back on "Critical Distance Pt. 2," a surly brawler of a house track whose shuddering low end recalls Azzido da Bass' 1999 anthem "Doom's Night." It kicks off relatively demurely, but that melancholy restraint gives way to something far more primal. That bass has something to do with it, poised somewhere between foghorn blast and the bellow of a wooly mammoth, and a yowling vocal melody drives home the track's essential animal nature.

Tom Demac - Critical Distance Pt. 2

Duke Dumont - The Giver

You may recognise the name Duke Dumont, but the chances are that’s where the familiarity will end. The twenty-something Londoner has made a name for himself by remixing for the likes of Santigold, Mystery Jets and Metronomy. And most recently, AlunaGeorge’s ‘Your Drums, Your Love’. He’s also one of the names regularly listed on posters advertising mega-club nights and even festivals. He’s been a regular on the DJ circuit for the past five years playing what he describes as “warehouse house music” in all the right venues in Berlin and Ibiza, and has taken his trade as far afield as Sydney, Hong Kong and the States. However, as far as interviews or details of the man behind the mixing desk go, there’s not so much to go on.
All you need to now is that the latest in his 'For Club Play Only' series, The Giver is likely to ensure that the name Duke Dumont will remain at the forefront of your mind for the foreseeable future.

Duke Dumont - The Giver out now through Turbo Recordings

Jessie Ware - Night Light (Joe Goddard Remix)

Jessie Ware's nocturnal crawler of a single 'Night Light' has just received the remix treatment from Hot Chip's Joe Goddard.  He has taken the slow jam and lent it an upbeat touch that, thankfully, doesn't shed any of the original's enigmatic darkness.
Jessie Ware - Night Light (Joe Goddard Remix)

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