22 Oct 2012

Music That Matters ...

The flame-bearded Bristolian, Julio Bashmore is ready to once again dictate the sound of the month with his new tune Husk. At 8 minutes it’s a long and soulful deep house train ride, a slow amble through the hillside and then full steam ahead into the city. The distorted flute is a subtle nuance of class. Expect a release of this on Bashmore’s label Broadwalk Records very soon.
There’s nothing like an early morning electronic dance number to get the day moving along at warp speed.  This is a Dusky remix of Justin Martin's 'Don't Go'. It is remixed in a manner that can only be described as wobbly and sweet, being that it adds an added 'oomph' of bass, whilst retaining the sweet melody and vocals of the original.
This one is a pure piece of unadulterated party music by Genghis Clan. Its got the big build up and the fun vocal samples but the drop is pure house music and pure groove.
Going In Hard is all slowed down attitude, building over a bouncy, bubbly sound that is archetypal for a French Fries remix.

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